July 18, 2011

Next Meeting: August 15th, 6-8pm at Traffic Jam and Snug.

At the July 18th Meeting we discussed:

  1. Allied Media Conference (see June 24th email from Jacob)
  2. Sharing Insight/Challenge Brainstorm: first-hand insight on facilitating experiences
  3. Facilitation Exercises
Take Aways from the Meeting:

– Monthly meetings will be topic-based with rotating facilitators who will coordinate logistics and facilitate meetings (a suggested structure is below, but feel free to innovate)

– Rough structure of future meetings:

1. Announcements

2. Opening: Quick Facilitation Tools/Strategies

3. Training/Discussion

4. Feedback on Real Meetings

– Trainings/Discussion will be determined by facilitators! This document includes a sign-up sheet for the next several months. A ‘Potential Topics’ tab lists some of facilitation topics and issue that we brainstormed on Monday; these can serve as ideas for future meeting topics. This list is not exhaustive or restricted–please feel free to add and brainstorm additional topics and mix-and-match when determining what topic you’re interested in.

We are going to continue meeting the third Monday of the month, so mark your calendars for 8/15! Please take a look at the document, see what interests you, or where you might have some information/experience to share and sign up for a meeting. Signing up and coordinating with another Guilder for a meeting is encouraged would be a great meeting facilitation exercise in and of itself! Contact is best through email and the list is available in the document.

We’ll see everyone on Monday, August 15th 6-8pm at Traffic Jam and Snug!

– Jane


About Sandra & Joel

Sandra and Joel are getting married Sunday, April 6, 2014!
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