August 15, 2011

Next Meeting: September 19: How do you know collaboration is happening? - Jen Young
August 15 meeting notes – “Tips for keeping a meeting on track”

Traffic Jam & Snug was closed for a private event so we met at Motor City across the street. It was lovely on the rooftop patio. Joel facilitated a meeting on tips for keeping a meeting on track.

– prepare an agenda
– ground rules

– restating
– stacking
– leverage time limits

for sticky situations:
– delegation
– firmness
– physicality (stretching, etc.)
– humor

Check back later for a link to more detailed info on Joel’s tips.

•Jen will email the group questions to prepare for her session on collaboration
•someone (who?) will send out a doodle for the next five meetings because 2 members have monday conflicts
•Jen, Jane and Sandra will draft a proposal on how best to incorporate new members

•creating a safe space
•how to deal with people who don’t need a safe space
•notetaking best practices
•translating facilitation concepts – some might not understand the concept of a safe space
•where did sarah get her really cute earrings
•how to guerrilla facilitate a casual meeting
•conference calls & emails
•technology in general
•measuring outcomes

•very well prepared
•good formatting of handout
•handout helpful
•productive yet informal
•very collaborative; took pressure off facilitator

•jacob could talk less
•members could be more prepared


About Sandra & Joel

Sandra and Joel are getting married Sunday, April 6, 2014!
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