Revolving Flipcharts


  1. Each workgroup has a specific color marker they use (e.g labor uses blue, enviros use green)
  2. Each workgroup gets a long while to create their priorities or brainstorm.
  3. Then each workgroup rotates to the next workgroups’ flipchart, taking their colored marker with them. They then add their own priorities for that sector and check their agreement with the existing priorities already recorded. This portion gets less time that each workgroup got in their “native” flipchart. Suggested split: native interest one time, each other interest use half that time. E.g. get 10 minutes at “homebase”, then 5 minutes at each other base and then 5 minutes back at original “homebase”
  4. Continued to rotate until each group has had input on each section.
  5. A dedicated facilitator stays at each board through the whole process so they can explain previous entries.
  6. Can also have people return to their original”homebase” to review other inputs and respond to those.

A great tool for tapping expertise and opinions on specific subject matter in a way that honors most committted stakeholders for each area, while also gathering input from those with interests focused on other areas. Can help tap empathy (e.g. you may be an environmentalist, but ask what interests labor would have in this situation) while quickly educating and building upon a foundation of the viewpoint of those most deeply steeped in that issue.

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