Weighted Voting

This is useful when there are concerns about either A) having the ability to implement a decision or B) people expressing strong opinions without considering the real implications of implementing those opinions.

  1. People are asked to vote among a variety of options. This voting can be done a variety of ways including paper or online surveys, sticky dots on flipcharts or white boards, etc.
  2. People are asked to mark those votes according to some criteria such as the voters willingness to implement that decision. For example, people might mark a regular vote with a blue dot, but use a red dot to indicate that they have a burning passion to work on that item.
  3. Tally the results to see what all the votes were for and which items received highly weighted votes. This can be done in a variety of ways:
  • any item that got a special vote (e.g. willingness to implement) might automatically be in a category or accepted as an agreed upon action. This may require further discussion however, depending on the nature of the material. Some participants may have specific objections to certain items being acted upon.
  • All votes are tallied up but special votes are given a particular weight (e.g. special votes are worth 3 regular votes). If this is the approach used, you must first consider if it’s okay for an individual highly weight all of their votes. In some cases this would be appropriate and useful information, but in other cases this wouldn’t work.



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