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Group Works Pattern Language cards

Here’s a set of cards you can download for free, that can be used to help facilitate meetings, train facilitators, refresh your facilitation habits, etc. You an purchase a deck, but you can also download them for free and use … Continue reading

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Boring Meetings Suck

Well, I was a little sad to see this book’s title is so close to my seminar “Meetings Shouldn’t Suck”, it nonetheless looks pretty promising: and has a blog with lots of ongoing content….

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How are my meetings? A meeting assessment tool

Hey folks, Based on the Consensus Basics training we conducted, here’s a self-assessment tool you can use to see how good of a foundation you have for the functionality of your meetings. As always, note that these principles are really … Continue reading

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Consensus Basics

Thanks to everyone who came out to the training we held in December. It was a great success.   Here’s a quick “cheat-sheet” overview of some consensus basics, as a Word file that you can download (Consensus-Overview) or just read on … Continue reading

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